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A trip to Moab promises beautiful landscapes and amazing sights, but first you have to get here; so hop on a plane, take a drive, rent a car, use a shuttle or arrive by bus.


Part of the fun of a trip to Moab, is getting here. Located on the Colorado Plateau of southeastern Utah, getting to Moab can be an interesting if not scenic ride. The up-side to a possible planes, trains and automobiles scenario is the natural landscape that surrounds Moab is some of the most spectacular desert landscape in the entire country. So pick a mode of transport, it's time to head to Moab.


Moab is located in southeastern Utah along US-191. Driving to Moab is fairly easy from all directions.

  • From the north, the Salt Lake City area, take I-15 south to I-70 east and head south on US-191. For a scenic route, head south on I-15 and take US-6 southeast to I-70 east and then south on US-191 to Moab. Check road conditions and road closings on US-6 before taking this route.
  • From the east, take I-70 west to US-191 south to Moab. For a scenic route, take I-70 west to UT- 128 southwest to Moab. If you are coming from southwestern Colorado, take CO-90 west/UT-46 west to US-191 north to Moab. Again, check road condition before proceeding on these scenic byways.
  • From the southwest, the Las Vegas area, take I-15 north to I-70 east to US-191 south to Moab. There are also a lot of scenic byways that dissect southeastern Utah.
  • From the south, the Phoenix area, take I-17 north to Flagstaff. At Flagstaff, take I-40 east to US-191 north to Moab.
  • From the west, the Reno area, take I-80 east to I-15 south. Go through Salt Lake City and take exit 258 to US-6 east/US-89 south. Follow US-89 south to I-70 east and head south on US-191 to Moab.


The Canyonlands Field Airport (CNY) is located just twenty miles north of Moab along US-191. The airport is the center for aviation in southeastern Utah and the closest and most convenient airport to Moab. From the airport, rent a car or take the shuttle into Moab.

Canyonlands Field Airport also offers connecting flights to Denver and Salt Lake City, scenic flights, sky diving, charter flights, and airplane rental.

If you are thinking about renting a car, another option is to fly into a larger airports and drive to Moab. Airports in the surrounding areas include Salt Lake City (SLC), Denver (DEN), and Grand Junction (GJT). All of the drives offer amazing scenic views of the surrounding landscape,

The drive from Salt Lake to Moab is four hours, the same as taking a shuttle. From Denver, the drive is five hours and from Grand Junction the drive is just an hour and a half by car or shuttle.

Car Rentals

Renting a car for your trip thru southeastern Utah is a good idea. It will allow you to tour the area at your own pace. There is one car rental agent booth at the airport, but you can arrange to have a car ready and waiting for you when you arrive.

In Moab, there are many national chains that offer car rentals as well as agencies that specialize in jeeps and 4WD vehicles. Considering many of the roads are rough and may become washed out in a heavy ran, a jeep or 4WD vehicle is a good idea.

Public Buses and Shuttles

Once in Moab, there is no city bus service available.

There is a shuttle that will transport you from the airport to Moab, reservations are required. In addition, there are three different shuttles that will take you to Moab from Grand Junction, Denver, or Salt Lake City.

Various shuttle services are available for transportation to and from popular bike trails and to river put in and take out locations. There is also a cab company in Moab.

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