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The Moab Arts and Recreation Center has become known as the place that the community built. Located in an historic church that was built in 1925, the renovated building serves as a place for the community of Moab to enjoy the arts, cultural, educational and recreational programs. Read More

Located at 111 East 100 North, Moab, Utah, the Moab Arts and Recreation Center is located in a renovated church – which is itself a work of art. Volunteers worked to bring life back into the abandoned church and to give breath to the idea of an arts center in Moab.

Participants in classes at the Center transcend age, socio-economic and cultural barriers.
Here, regardless of your age, ethnic background or economic status, you can enjoy yoga classes, dance classes, and knitting classes among many other activities. Here locals and tourists alike are exposed to Afro-Cuban dance or can enjoy the art and music of Tibetan monks.

The Moab Arts and Recreation Center has become a gathering place for the community. This is the place were weddings are held, special events and even political events. Dedicated to instilling a sense of community in the local youth, the building is also used for students' artwork, holiday activities, and summer and/or after school programs.

The Center provides an eclectic mix of classes for individuals of all ages including belly dancing, pottery, yoga, basket making, papermaking, egg painting, beadwork, landscape design, and stained glass classes.

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Moab Arts and Recreation Center

The Moab Arts and Recreation Center offers members of the community a center for adult and youth classes, rentals, and a number of events.