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Stillwater Canyon

Visitors come to Stillwater Canyon to experience 52 miles of family-friendly flat water paddling including breathtaking Utah scenery, abundant wildlife and Crystal Geyser, a rare example of a carbon dioxide driven cold water geyser. Read More

  • 52 miles (typically 4-5 days)
  • Easy, flat water paddling.
  • Put-In: Mineral Bottom


Stillwater Canyon is home to 52 miles of beautiful flat water paddling. Along the route, marvel at breathtaking red rock canyons, experience Crystal Geyser, and observe abundant wildlife, including deer, blue heron, American egrets and beavers. The area is also home to several prehistoric Native American petroglyphs.  Many will choose to combine this trip with Labyrinth Canyon to make for 120 miles of paddling.

The best season for this trip is run between April and October.


The put in for this trip is off Mineral Bottom Road. Take Note: At present, Mineral Bottom Road is closed due to recent flooding. From Moab, head north on US-191. Continue for 11 miles, then turn left at UT-313. Follow for 14 miles, then turn right on Mineral Bottom Road. Follow this road for 15 miles where it meets the Green River.


  • Distance: 52 miles
  • Average Time of Trip: 4 – 5 days.
  • Difficulty: Easy, flat water paddling.
  • Put In: Mineral Bottom
  • Take Out: Confluence of the Green and Colorado Rivers.

Plan & Prepare

  • River running season in Utah coincides with the hottest part of the year. Remember to pack plenty of water and sunscreen. Additional protection from the sun, including hats and light long sleeve shirts is advised.
  • Remember to always wear a life jacket.
  • Make sure to arrange a shuttle vehicle in advance. If need be, hire a commercial shuttle service to return you to your car.
  • There are no toilet facilities located on this section of the river. All solid human waste must be carried out. Commercial porta-potty toilet systems are allowed.
  • Permits are required and can be purchased from the Bureau of Land Management. Call 435-636-0975.