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Whether you’re looking for white knuckle whitewater rapids or serene flat water floating, you’ll find it on the Colorado River. And with many sections located within a short drive of town, you needn’t venture far to find your Colorado River adventure.


Whether you’re looking for a short half-day float or a multi-day whitewater epic, you can find it on the Colorado River. Some of the more popular area trips include:

  • Cataract Canyon: Home to some of the most challenging rapids in the United States, this 100 mile stretch of river promises to be the whitewater adventure of a lifetime.
  • Moab to Potash Dock: For those looking for a shorter, mellower float, this 15 mile stretch of flat water is the perfect option.
  • Potash to Spanish Bottom: This 49 mile flat water float is the perfect option for a mellow multi-day trip down the river. Just beware, as you pass the confluence of the Colorado and Green Rivers expect stronger currents and eddies.
  • Westwater Canyon: Home to one of the most popular stretches of whitewater on the Colorado River, this 53 mile trip promises challenging Class IV rapids, as well as breathtaking canyon scenery.

Plan & Prepare

  • Depending on the section of the river you plan to navigate, permits maybe required. Make sure to contact the Bureau of Land Management before launching.
  • To get the best experience on the river, consider hiring a professional guide service.  They have the gear and local know-how that will ensure you have a safe and memorable trip.
  • Toilet facilities on the Colorado River are limited. All solid human waste must be carried out. Commercial porta-potty toilet systems are allowed.
  • In accordance with Utah state law, remember to always wear a life jacket.
  • Make sure to arrange a shuttle vehicle in advance. If need be, many local companies will shuttle you back to Moab for a fee.
  • Always practice good leave no trace principles and pack-out what you pack-in.
  • There are very few established campsites on the Colorado River. The Bureau of Land Management strongly advises you camp on the sandbars to minimize environmental impact.
  • River running season in Utah coincides with the hottest part of the year. Remember to pack plenty of water and sunscreen. Additional protection from the sun, including hats and light long sleeve shirts are advised. During early spring, wet-suits may be necessary.
  • You will need a permit to run different sections of the river. Call (435) 259-4351 for details.

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