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Colorado River

The Colorado River near Moab, Utah offers catfish for all kinds of anglers, the trick is to find some slack water and put the stinkiest bait on your line.

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  • Channel catfish call he Colorado River near Moab home.
  • Stinky baits like mackerel, liver and worms work well.
  • Catfish tend to hang out in deeper holes, back eddies and bays out of the current.
  • Rig a 10- to 15-pound setup with a sinker heavy enough to bring you bait to the bottom.
  • The river is best fished in the summer and fall.

Utah's Colorado River Fishing

Colorado River fishing in and around the Moab, UT area can be summed up in one word...catfish. Here you'll find miles of accessible shoreline with lots of sandy areas where you can virtually make a fishing adventure a day at the beach.This broad section of the Colorado is big water, so bring heavier setups and some sinkers.

Baits For Catfish

Try liver, worms, blood baits, stink baits and add some kind of scent like Hog Wild to get into the cats. Other cut baits like shrimp or mackerel will also work, the stinkier the better. Most of the catch will consist of channel cats.

Seasons For Cats

Summer and fall are the times when the catfish are on the prowl. They prefer to sit in back eddies and deeper areas, out of the main current and spend most of their feeding in the low-light hours of morning and night.

Other Ideas On The River

The Colorado River in this area is also home to bass and sunfish. As with the catfish, bass and sunfish will also be found in back bays or any other spots where these species can relax out of the current.