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Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon National Park, located in UT is famous for a reason. People travel from near and far to come to Utah and take in this park's splendor. The parks overwhelming size and amazing history has been leaving visitors completely awed and inspired for thousands of years. Read More

Grand Canyon National Park is a top travel destination for the western part of the US and there is no questioning why. Although not the deepest canyon in the world, it is surely one of the most beautiful forms of erosion ever to be seen by human eyes.

There are many historic things to see here from the many different Indian tribes who inhabited the land, including the famous Navajo tribes. Activities abound here in UT. There are six airplane and helicopter companies that will fly you across the canyon on an amazing scenic tour. Hikers can capture all the glory of the park on foot either on a one day hike or by walking for several. Mule and horse trips who want a unique canyon experience. Travelers can also white water raft through the canyon if they so desire. All are advised to be prepared for anything, to bring clothing that are for both warm and cool weather, plenty to drink since heat stroke is a reality here and to respect the park and it's wildlife. After a long day of activity, there are many campgrounds with reasonable pricing under $20 per night, for Canyon goers to hunker down at until their next glorious day at the Grand Canyon National Park.