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On your way to Moab don't forget to make a pit stop in Las Vegas, Nevada. Just 6 hours from downtown Moab, Las Vegas is Nevada's number one tourist destination. Here is some travel information on Las Vegas, NV to get you started. Read More

Just 6 hours from Moab, Las Vegas, Nevada is known for its glamour, gambling and nightlife. The city gets nearly 40 million visitors each year. The Las Vegas strip boasts a wide range of casinos that have been attracting tourists, celebrities and high rollers since the early 1900's. The bright, flashing neon lights on the main drag are part of Las Vegas's mystic and fit right in with the fun atmosphere of the town. The town is filled with infamous hotels, such as the The Palms, Bellagio and Caesar's Palace, which all hold their own casinos and clubs.

Not only is Las Vegas known for its casinos and clubs but it is also known for its shows, shopping and spas. You can see anything from legendary Vegas show girls to the awing Cirque de Soleil. The NV town also has some of the best shopping around the globe within its hotels. There are also world class spas; perfect after long days of shopping, gambling and dancing.

Las Vegas information just wouldn't be complete without a mention of quickie weddings. Many couples elope to Sin City to get married are on a whim. No matter how you do it, Vegas has plenty of wedding chapels for you to choose from.