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Salt Lake City Utah

About 4 hours from Moab, lies culturally rich Salt Lake City, Utah. With the beauty of two mountain ranges – the Wasatch and the Oquirrh – in its backyard, it is no wonder why Salt Lake City is becoming a booming city with a charming small town atmosphere. Read More

Salt Lake City holds most of the state of UT population in its surrounding areas. It is easy to see why. The mountains burst with flowers in the spring and summer, providing perfect scenery for hikers, bikers, campers, kayakers and adventures. During the fall and winter seasons, those same slopes are full of skiers and outdoors men, just itching to climb to slopes in search of a thrill.

The city is rich in cultural history and is known for its Mormon heritage. Salt Lake was founded in 1847 by Mormon's traveling westward. The city keeps their heritage alive in a variety of museums sprinkled throughout the city.

There is also much to do with arts and other activities when you travel to Salt Lake City. It brims with art galleries, boutiques and museums. There are also excellent performing arts groups here and many festivals and events for which Salt Lake plays host. As if that wasn't enough, there are also several casinos for gambling aficionados and beginners alike to have their crack at luck. Relaxing activities such as shopping and spas abound here too.

Salt Lake City is a thriving community which is only growing bigger annually due to its beauty and wonderful small town atmosphere within a large city.