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Mesa Verde

Just 155 miles, just 3 ½ hours from Moab, Utah lies another beautiful Southwest experience – Mesa Verde, Colorado. Mesa Verde is known for its wonderfully preserved archeological sites of the Ancestral Puebloan people. While making your way to Moab, Mesa Verde is certainly a worth while stop. Read More

Mesa Verde, CO is a culturally rich experience that is inspiring and beautiful. There isn't a better way to explore than to stay in the park. The park offers a comfortable stay at the Far View Lodge, which boasts spectacular views from a top one of the parks mesas. There is also a variety of fine dining including the Metate Room Restaurant which features Southwestern fare fused with delicious ancient Native American food staples. You can also stay on one of the Mesa Verde National Park's 435 camp sites. There is even a grocery and camp store to fit your needs.

After a good night's sleep you'll be refreshed and ready to go visit the Puebloan archeological sites. Nowhere in the world has better preserved cliff dwellings than Mesa Verde. You can hike, bike, jeep or raft through the park. While here, you might want to. Guided tours are offered and give great information on the ancient people's who once lived in Mesa Verde's cliffs. While here, the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad is not to be missed. You can take a ride through the mesas aboard a restored vintage train from the 1800's.