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Moab, Utah is a city in the middle of a very arid desert in southeastern Utah. However, despite the climate, the City does maintain at least forty-seven acres of green space in and around the city. Thirty-five of these acres are in the form of developed public parks and the remaining twelve acres are non-designated open space. Read More

Despite all the beautiful red rock desert area surrounding Moab, Utah, there are several lush green areas maintained by the City. Two of Moab's three parks are available for weddings, celebrations, and private parties, musical events, sporting events or other activities for a small rental fee.

The three city parks include Old City Park, Rotary Park, and Swanny City Park. Some of the parks have covered shelters, picnic tables, barbecue grills, and restrooms. The Old City Park has a duck pond and a large stage in the form of a gazebo. Alcohol is not allowed in any of the City Parks. Rotary Park has a childrens' playground, a native hummingbird garden and a tree house gazebo. All the parks have great green grassy areas and big, old shade trees.

Swanny City Park is the location of Moab's Swimming Pool and newly constructed Skate Park. There is also a rose garden, public restrooms, and drinking fountains. Swanny City Park cannot be rented for private events.