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Sand Flats Recreation Area

Located near Moab, right in the middle of the Colorado Plateau, Sand Flats Recreation area is home to some of the country's most popular slickrock mountain biking trails.

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  • Sand Flats Recreation is 7.320 acres just outside of Moab, Utah.
  • Slick Rock and Porcupine Rim are popular bike trails.
  • Camp in one of the 124 camp sites around the area for $10/night
  • The Jeep trails are motorcycle friendly.
  • Bike trails are rated 1-4 in difficulty, but are not for novice riders.


Sand Flats is a 7,320 acre region surrounded by the La Sal Mountain range, the Colorado River, and the Negro Bill and Mill Creek Wilderness Study Areas.  Great camp sites, Jeep trails, and world famous Slickrock Bike Trail are just a few of the activities that the recreation area has to offer. 

Location & Information

Sand Flats Recreation area is located just outside of Moab, Utah. 

Fees: $5/vehicle is good for 1 day or $10/vehicle is good for 7 days

For more information, call the Sand Flats Office at 435-259-2444. 

Bike Slick Rock & Porcupine Rim

10,000 visitors bike the Slickrock Trail every year.  The trails are rated 1-4, with 4 being the most difficult.  Visitors should try out the 2.7 mile practice loop before attempting the more challenging courses.  Most of the trails are not considered appropriate for beginners., children, or novices.  Stay on the trails, as cross country travel damages the delicate cryptobiotic soil and is prohibited.  Pack out trash and follow leave no trace guidelines.  Porcupine Rim Trail, a class 4 designation, is 14.4 miles 1 way, and is located 7 miles up Sand Flats Road.   


Sand Flats has 9 campgrounds labeled A-H and Juniper.  These sites all have picnic tables, fire rings, and vault toilets, but no water.  There are a total of 124 camp sites operated on a first come first serve basis in the area, with more camping in local towns and state parks.  Quiet hours are from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. and check out time is at 11 a.m.  Two group sites can be reserved for $60, this includes the reservation fee.  The group sites accommodate 16 people and 6 vehicles.  Call 435-259-2444 to make a group reservation.   

  • $15/vehicle
  • Vehicles must park in designated areas (limit 2 per site)
  • Bring your own wood and water
  • All animals must be on a leash
  • Pack out trash

Drive the Jeep Trails

Completely unlike any other scenic tour, Sand Flats has over 40 miles of challenging and awesomely scenic jeep trails that require 4x4 and high clearance suspension.  Get a map and make sure to stay on the marked 4x4 trails and roadways.  Sand Flats has three jeep trails: Fins & Things, Hell's Revenge (difficult), and the first 11.2 miles of the Porcupine Rim Trail. 

Fun Fact

Some of the Jeep trails were originally designed for motorcycle travel in 1969 and remain motorcycle friendly, even today.