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Moki Dugway

Located approximately 125 miles south of Moab, Moki Dugway refers to a three mile series of switchbacks located near the city of Mexican Hat. The drive boasts a scenic over-look of the surrounding area including the Valley of the Gods.

  • Approximately 125 miles south of Moab.
  • Drive time is less than one hour to complete the switchbacks.
  • Highlights include views of the four corner area, Sleeping Ute Mountain, Monument Valley, and the Valley of the Gods.


This three mile stretch of unpaved road descends at a grade of 11 percent from its summit. Rewarding your efforts, you’ll be treated to one of the best views in the area.

Driving Directions

From Moab head south on US-191 for approximately 78 miles. Turn right on UT-95. Continue for 28 miles, then turn left on UT-261. Continue until you reach Mogi Dugway.


The route is 3 miles and takes less than an hour to drive the switchbacks. 


From the switchbacks you can see:

  • The four corners area
  • Sleeping Ute Mountain
  • Monument Valley
  • Pyramid Peak, Rooster Butte, Setting Hen Butte and Seven Sailors
  • The Valley of the Gods