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Potash Road

Don't be fooled by the lack of hype in Potash Road's name. Located just three miles north of Moab it is often overlooked by, ironically, other nearby overlooks. This 34-mile roundtrip stretch provides quick roadside access to Indian art, arches, dinosaur tracks, hiking trails, camping, and the Colorado River. Read More

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Follow Highway 191 north of Moab for three miles and turn left on Potash Road. It is well-marked. If you reach the entrance to Arches National Park you've gone too far.

For the first few miles this scenic byway travels south along the backside of Moab, providing little reason to grab the camera and begin snapping. But once the road turns west and accompanies the Colorado River through a sandstone canyon the eye-fun begins. Sheer red sandstone cliffs wall the right side of the road, while to the left, across the river, towers a varied offering of rounded slickrock formations, many of which look as if they should sport signs reading "Future Arch Under Construction."

Chances are good, weather depending, you'll see climbers on the cliffs to your right. Just beyond their favorite routes you'll come across signs and pullouts for a gallery of Indian petroglyphs. To find them, and there are many, look approximately10 to 15 feet up the cliff.

The marked Dinosaur Tracks pullout provides two viewing tubes. Binoculars, if you have them, will provide a more defined view.

And just beyond you'll find Jug Handle Arch. Only three feet wide, it's one of Utah's few vertical arches.