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Rules & Regulations

Monument Valley has many rules and regulations so that the local environment, residents, habitat, archaeological artifacts, and wildlife remain protected and safe from harm that may be caused by too much human interference. Many aspects of the area are rather fragile, so it's important to heed the rules that have been created. Read More

Monument Valley is a fun and fascinating place to visit, but because of the unique characteristics of the area, several rules and regulations have been set up to preserve the valley and keep it in its natural state.

Always stay on the routes and trails that have been designated for use. If you cut switch backs, the trails may become damaged through erosion and the destruction of the soil. Any damage that is done can take up to 100 years to recover.

Remember that the park is located on an actual reserve, so visitors are asked to respect the local Navajo people and their privacy. Stay away from residential areas and leave private property alone. It's not permitted to take pictures of the Natives without first asking permission.

The contents that you pack with you cannot be left behind. Don't burn or bury any type of refuse, including food scraps and garbage, as decomposition can take years. The risk of starting wildfires is too great when burning trash.