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Southeastern Utah is full of canyons to hike and monuments to explore and Blanding, located just an hour and a half south of Moab, is the perfect basecamp location.

  • Take US-191 south from Moab to Blanding.
  • Blanding is a “Basecamp to Adventure.”
  • Tour the Trail of Ancients for an archeological look into the past. 
  • Hike the multiple canyons and bike the plateaus around Blanding.
  • Blanding is the closest city to three of Lake Powell's marinas.


Blanding is rightfully named “The Basecamp to Adventure”. This 'basecamp' is located near more state and national parks then anywhere else in the United States. Whether you are looking for red rocks, deep canyons, ancient Native American sites, or the cool waters of Lake Powell, Blanding is a great place to start your journey.

Enjoy hiking through the canyons, biking across plateaus, fishing in the reservoirs, and boating at Lake Powell. Blanding is the perfect basecamp for all of your adventures.


Blanding is located in southeastern Utah, in the four corners region. The drive from Moab is a quick and easy 75 miles, only taking an hour and a half. When you are out west, plan on doing a lot of driving as destinations are spread out and often located in remote locations.


The small town of Blanding, UT is full of hospitality. If you are looking for glamour and ritz, keep driving, This is a humble town with simple lodging options. You will find small, privately owned inns and motels, national chain motels and hotels, and cute, rustic cabins. For those exploring the west in a RV, there are two parks ready to welcome you. Amenities are similar, but do they vary slightly. Campers, tent spots are available at both parks.

Dining in Blanding is lacking in options. There are plenty of fast food choices but only a handful of sit down restaurants. They all offer similar American fair, although one goes a bit further and offers some Mexican dishes. Salad bars are very common, so you won't be lacking on greens.

Blanding does have a full service grocery store with a deli, so self-catering is always an option. Note: Blanding is a dry town, that means no beer, wine, liquor, moonshine, nothing. Don't think you can try to skirt the system (at restaurants) with B.Y.O.B., it's not allowed.


When in Blanding, UT you are in the heart of canyon country where you will find plenty of hiking and biking trails. Mule Canyon, one of the canyons of the Grand Gulch Plateau, is easily accessible and offers hikes for all ages and ability levels. For a nice, easy, educational hike take the Butler Wash Interpretive Trail. If you've never tried it, canyoneering is great fun. Hire a local guide to show you the ropes.

Beat the heat and do some boating. Blanding is the closest town to three of Lake Powell's marinas. If you don't have a boat, no problem, rental boats are available at the marinas. To try your luck at some fishing, head no further then Blanding Reservoir #4, which is nicely stocked with rainbow and tiger trout as well as largemouth bass.


Blanding, UT is a great place to learn about history. Take the Trail of Ancients and explore The Edge of Cedars State Park, the site of a Pre-Columbian Pueblo Indian ruin, aka an ancient Indian lodging. It is amazing to look at the ruin and picture an entire civilization living in such lodgings and under the harsh conditions posed by living in the desert. The Anasazi artifacts on file are also great.

After visiting Edge of Cedars, drive east over to Hovenweep National Monument. Human habitation at Hovenweep dates back over 10,000 years. Located on mesa tops you will find stone towers, evidence of a village that once thrived on the site. Head out the next day and tour Natural Bridges National Monument, Goosenecks State Park, and Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park.

When the hot sun drives you back inside, stop in the Blanding Arts and Events Center, home of the Edge of The Seaters Theater Company, for a show. Children will love to see the dinosaur skeletons, eggs, and foot prints of dinosaurs on display at the Dinosaur Museum.

Getting Here

The 75 mile drive from Moab to Blanding will fly by as you take in the beautiful desert landscape. For a quick side trip, check out the Newspaper Rock Petroglyph Panel, located off Hwy 191 and slight drive west onto Hwy 211. You will also pass the picturesque Canyonlands National Park.

Driving from Moab to Blanding, simply head south on US-191 until you reach the town of Blanding, UT.

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City of Blanding, Utah

The city of Blanding, Utah is located in San Juan County and has a population of about 3,500.