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Centrally located in southeastern Utah and just two hours west of Moab is where you will find Hanksville, the perfect home-base for any tour of Utah's amazing national parks and monuments.

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  • Hanksville Utah is a beautiful two hour drive west of Moab.
  • Visit the Hanksville- Burpee Dinosaur Quarry to see fossilized dinosaur remains being excavated.
  • Hanksville is great home base as you explore the many national parks and monuments in the area.
  • Butch Cassidy's Robber's Roost was just south of Hanksville.


Hanksville is a small town that is conveniently found at a crossroad that offers access to many of Utah's top tourist attractions. Historically, this wild west town claimed a spot on the map because of the unlawful ramblings of Butch Cassidy and his gang. Their Robber's Roost hideout was just south of town.

Today, Hanksville offers tourist a place to lay their head, satiate their bellies, and fill up on gas as they set off to explore Utah's wild landscape.


Hanksville, UT, can be found at the intersection of US-24 and US-95 and near the confluence of the Freemont and Muddy Rivers. Hanksville is conveniently located a mere 100 miles west of Moab and within the vicinity of many of Utah's most visited national parks, monuments, and attractions.

Services/ Amenities

Don't plan on finding much in this small, quaint town. You won't find any national hotels or fast food joints in Hanksville. Everything offered here is full of local charm, even if the amenities are a bit dated. Rest your head at one of the two motels, both offer similar amenities.

Or better yet, pull your RV into a sight or pitch a tent at the campgrounds. The grounds offer full service laundry facilities, full hookups and various other amenities.

This is not a place for picky eaters. You will find a handful of local restaurants all offering similar American food. There is a bakery in town that locals claim has nice pastries. Don't plan on doing much grocery shopping while in town, the selections are slim. But you will find a gas station, so fill up because you are in the middle of nowhere.


This small crossroads town is the gateway to so many adventures. Within a 100 miles of Hanksville you will find Goblin Valley State Park, Capitol Reef National Park, Lake Powell, and the dirt bike heaven of Swingarm City.

Goblin Valley, home to many small eroded towers that resemble goblins or gnomes, is a perfect place for a light hike as you ponder the odd landscape. This sight is great and yet one of the least visited tourist areas in Utah.

Experience the 100-mile Waterpocket Fold of Capitol Reef National Park. There are hundreds of trails perfect for hiking or horseback riding that dissect this incredible landscape. If you want to explore on bike, stick to the roads. Even rock climbers are encouraged to come and explore this amazing natural feature.

When the summer sun starts to beat down, head to Lake Powell for a day of boating. Cool off in the lake as you enjoy a bevy of water-sports. If you don't have a boat, no problem, just rent one from one of the marinas.

Swingarm City is a dirt biker's heaven. Dirt bikers will enjoy the open space, perfect combination of soft, yet compact dirt surface, and little vegetation. This is just a quick fifteen minute drive north of Hanksville.


When in Hanksville a stop by the Hanksville-Burpee Dinosaur Quarry is a must. Locals knew that the site held fossils but it wasn't until 2007 that scientists discovered a significant amount of Jurassic Period (145-150 million years old) dinosaur fossils including those of the stegosaurus. The shear magnitude of dinosaur material in the rocks is overwhelming. Take a tour of the sight and see the paleontologists at work.

The town also has a nice park. Perfect for the kids that may need some time out of the car to stretch their legs and burn some energy.

Getting Here

Hanksville is technically directly west of Moab, but the Utah landscape makes getting from Moab to Hanksville a bit difficult. At least the two hour drive is through the beautiful, high country desert landscape.

From Moab, head north on US-191 N, at Crescent Junction take a left and head west on I-70. Take exit 149 to US-24 W, turn left at US-24 W/ /Co Road 1029. This takes you directly into Hanksville. Hanksville sits at the junction of US-24 and US-95.

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