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Green River, UT, located a short drive northwest of Moab, offers prime access to the Green River and is a natural stopping point for travelers who are exploring the national parks of Utah. Read More

  • Green River is a short and scenic, hour long drive northwest of Moab.
  • Visit the John Wesley Powell River History Museum during your visit to Green River.
  • Green River is a great stopping place as you travel from Capitol Reef National Park to Arches National Park.


Green River, UT has historically been a stopping ground for travelers, first as a river crossing and now, as a convenient location between national parks. But, those that stick around to explore Green River, discover it has lots to offer.

Enjoy the waters of the Green River or have a picnic at Green River State Park. Hike, bike or horseback ride the red rock canyons of Canyonlands National Park or the San Rafael Swell. No matter your adventure, a trip to Green River will be one the entire family will enjoy.


Green River, just 52 miles north of Moab in western Utah, sits along its namesake the Green River.  This small town is located between Capitol Reef National Park and Arches National Park, providing the perfect place for a stop in between the two. Don't miss the beautiful landscape of Canyonlands National Park, which sits along Green River's southern border.


Green River, UT tends to be a stopping point for many people as they travel from one point of interest to another, so it is not surprising to find a stretch of national chain hotels and motels lining the highway. If you are looking to mix things up, this town does offer local hotels and inns that offer a lot of charm and a bit of retro style.

Campers and those touring the west via RV will find plenty of options. Within a mile of town there are four campgrounds that offer pull-thru spaces and tent space. Amenities and prices vary depending on the campsite.

Green River is not exactly a culinary mecca, more of a stopping point for a bit of sustenance. You will find the common array of fast food establishments as well as a couple local establishments that try their best to offer a better alternative. Some succeed, others fall short.

Typical fair is carnivore heavy with many restaurants offering steaks and burgers and don't forget the common pizza and pasta options. The local coffee shop is the best place to find a great breakfast or lunch. You will also find a decent grocery store and a couple of gas stations in town.


The town of Green River,UT is surrounded by pristine landscape including the Green River and the Green River State Park. The park offers a nine hole golf course, picnic areas, campgrounds, and a boat launch.

Use the boat launches at Green River State Park for easy, do-it yourself rafting. Let the waters take you through red rock canyons and the tributaries of labyrinth and stillwater canyons. Tour companies also offer awesome single or multi-day rafting trips.

Green River Scenic Drive follows the river through the southern end of gray canyon and gives you great views of the canyon walls and the meandering river. The whole drive takes roughly three hours.

Roughly thirty miles west of Green River you will find the San Rafael Swell, a large rounded dome-shaped anticline. This unique landscape is covered in mesas, cliffs, buttes, and springs. And offers great hiking and biking opportunities, especially near Temple Mountain. Don't forget your camera because parts of this area resemble the surface of Mars. For something a bit closer to town, hike, bike and explore the trails in Canyonlands National Park.

Goblin Valley State Park, also a short drive west, is covered in small eroded towers that resemble little gnomes or goblins. A hike through Goblin Valley State Park taps your imagination as you try to pinpoint descriptions of each eroded piece of landscape.

The landscape around Green River is also ideal for horseback riding excursions and ATV/ off-road tours.


The John Wesley Powell River History Museum is a must see when in Green River. This museum showcases the trials and tribulations Powell endured as he researched the geology and the historic and future value of the Green and Colorado Rivers. While at the museum, enjoy the artifacts, journals, boat replicas, and the river runners “Hall of Fame”.

If you are tired of hiking and biking, spend a day out on the golf course. Take in the red rock surroundings as you test your shot and aim for eagle.

If you are in Green River in mid-September, don't miss Melon Days. This weekend festival features square dancing, a Melon Day's queen, parades, vendors, music, and free melon slices, all to honor the local melon farmers.

In addition to Melon Days, Green River is host to the Outlaw Trails Jamboree, an ATV festival.

Getting Here

The small town of Green River, UT is adjacent to the Green River and a short, scenic drive north of the tourist hub of Moab. From Moab, take US-191 N until you reach the junction of I-70, at Crescent Junction. Turn left and head west on I-70 and turn right on UT-19 W. Taking a left on Broadway will take you to the city center.

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Green River, Utah

Green River is a small city in Emery County, Utah with a population of 1,000.