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Escape the crowds and recharge in Castle Valley, just twenty miles north of Moab, the perfect location for a bit of rest and relaxation during your vacation in eastern Utah.

  • Castle Valley is a quick and scenic twenty mile drive north of Moab.
  • Step away from the hoards of tourists and relax in Castle Valley.
  • Hike, bike, or horseback ride through this outstanding landscape.
  • Don't forget to snap a picture of Castle Rock's 400-ft Wingate sandstone spire.


Castle Valley, Utah is a quiet oasis located just 20 miles north of the busy town of Moab. This is where you want to be for relaxation, among some of the most breathtaking scenery in Utah. Castle Valley sits in the shadow of Castle Rock Peak or Castleton Tower, as the locals call it. This castle like turret shares the horizon with the La Sal Mountains, red rock towers, and the Colorado River.

Hiking around Castle Valley is possible, but more often, folks use Castle Valley as a place to replenish their energy after a long day of sight seeing and activities elsewhere. Come and explore this peaceful sanctuary.


Castle Valley, located 20 miles north of Moab in western Utah, is a very small town. But this small town, cradled between the Colorado River and the La Sal Mountains, is perfectly located away from the mobs of tourists that are usually found in nearby cities. Castle Valley is within easy driving distance of Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, Dead Horse Point State Park, and the La Sal Mountains.


While scenery is abundant in Castle Valley, amenities are not. Castle Valley is very weary of rapid development, as seen in many of the surrounding tourist towns. Instead, they offer a sanctuary from such chaos.

At the end of the day, rest your head at the inn, the only guest lodging available in town. The inn is a full service bed and breakfast and offers a wholesome country breakfast. As well as, hammocks for resting, five acres of fruit trees, and up close wildlife viewing. Some folks do rent out their houses during tourists season, so if you have a large group, this is a great option as well.

You won't find many more options when it comes to dining. Across from the inn you will find two decent restaurants to choose from. For more options, just remember Moab is a quick drive away.


Castle Valley is conveniently located within a short drive of many of Utah's most famed national parks. Go rock climbing on Castle Rock or rafting down the Colorado River. Head up highway 128 to Porcupine Rim for some of the most acclaimed mountain biking found in Utah. Porcupine Rim, Adobe Mesa and Round Rock also offer some great hiking that rewards your efforts with outstanding views of the valley below.

Canyonlands National Park, Arches National Park, Dead Horse State Park, and the La Sal Mountains are all within an hour drive of Castle Valley and offer great opportunities for hiking, biking, and horseback riding.

Take the La Sal Mountain/Colorado River scenic drive from Castle Valley. This loop road takes you into the La Sal National Forest where it opens up to the vistas below.


The town itself does not offer any museums or theaters, but there is a local library. Castle Rock or Castleton Tower as the locals call it, is the number one attraction in the valley. This 400-ft sandstone tower which rests on a 1,000 ft cone of looser rock, rises high above Castle Valley. Hiking to the base of the tower is possible but only experienced rock climbers should hike and climb any part of the tower or its base.

Getting Here

As you drive north from Moab to Castle Valley, the landscape of this high country desert unfolds before your eyes. The Colorado River winds its course adjacent to the road for much of the drive. Red rock towers stand tall on the horizon and a glance to the south reveals the La Sal Mountains. The 22 mile drive will pass by before you even realize you started the journey.

From Moab, take US-191 north to State Route 128 east. Follow State Route 128 east for roughly 15 miles, you will pass Big Bend Campground, and take a right on W Castle Valley Rd Dr.

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Castle Valley, Utah

The Town of Castle Valley is a small town in the desert of Utah.