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To those of you who can't understand why folks walk or drive when they can pedal, south-central Utah presents, Capitol Reef National Park - a biking fanatic's dream terrain with beautiful vistas thrown in. Depending on your expertise on two wheels and your fitness level - actual, not imagined - you have four different trails to choose from. Read More

The incredible landscape of Capitol Reef National Park may mean different things to different folks. To those born to bike there is the guarantee of a ride of a lifetime amid stunning cliffs, colorful panorama, sparkling streams, and above all, an extraordinary silence; shaving off at least a hundred years worth of raucous civilization.

After you've paid the required fee and armed yourself with maps, guides and a good supply of water you're ready to go. The 25 mile Scenic Drive takes you from the Visitor Centre on a trail of moderate difficulty through some of the truly scenic spots of the place. Grand Wash and Pleasant Creek will make you feel grateful to be alive and biking. Sip some H2O and move on, for there's more.

For a more challenging ride pick South Draw Road which can get bogged down in snow in winter; or Boulder Mountain which takes you on a 70 mile high country ride. You can hitch a ride part way on a shuttle when you can't tell your bike from a boulder and need to rest. For a trail that takes you up the hill and down the valley right across a shallow stream, go for the 60 mile Cathedral Valley Loop.

Capitol Reef Park Visitor's Centre lies just off Highway 24. From Torrey you need to go about 10 miles east, or if you're on the other side in Hanksville you'd need to drive 37 miles west. It is very important to be well informed as to your activities in the Park. Remember to keep to the beaten path and not create any new ones of your own. The flora, fauna and even the soil that might seem extremely ordinary are of inordinate value for the preservation of the environment.