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Fees & Permits

As a part of the National Parks system, the use of Capitol Reef National Park is subject to particular fees and permits. All Federal Recreation Lands Passes are available and accepted at Capitol Reef. Therefore, if you already have a National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass – Annual Pass, Senior Pass, Access Pass, or a Volunteer Pass, you will not have to pay any addition fee to visit Capitol Reef National Park. Read More

For those individuals or groups who do not already have the necessary passes or permits, the following apply when visiting Capitol Reef National Park:

• For traveling the Park's Scenic Drive beyond the Fruita Campground -
• Individuals traveling via bicycle or on foot must pay a fee of $3.00 – good for seven days.
• The fee for each private vehicle, including motorcycles is $5.00 – good for seven days.
• The fee for commercial vehicles is based on the seating capacity of the vehicle.
Vehicles with a seating capacity of 26 seats or greater: $100.00
Vehicles with a seating capacity of 7 - 25 seats: $40.00
Vehicles with a seating capacity of 1 - 6 seats: $30.00

Entrance Fees can be waived for groups who are visiting the Park for educational purposes. Fee waiver requests must be submitted two weeks prior to your visit.

If you wish to take advance of the camping facilities within the Capitol Reef National Park, the fee at the Fruita Campground is $10.00 per night. Those who already possess Senior and Access passes received a 50% discount on their camping fee.

A backcountry permit is required for backpacking in Capitol Reef National Park. The permit is free and can be obtained at the visitor center during normal business hours. As the cost of entrance fees and permits may change, check for the current fees in advance of your visit.