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Capitol Reef National Park is located 10 miles east of the town of Torrey, Utah or 37 miles west of the town of Hanksville, Utah on paved SR 24. This National Park is characterized by sandstone formations, cliffs and canyons, and the 100-mile long bulge in the earth's crust called the Waterpocket Fold. Millions of years of erosion has created the unique and majestic shapes. Capitol Reef National Park is a wilderness of rock. Read More

Designated a national monument in 1937 and a national park in 1971, the majesty of Capitol Reef National Park has long been attracting visitors with its steep winding canyons, gigantic domes, monoliths and spires of sandstone. Found in the southern portion of Utah, the climate here is more aligned with that of the southwestern states. The northern part of the State of Utah is usually considered part of the Rocky Mountain States.

The location of Capitol Reef National Park on the fold in the Earth's crust known as the Waterpocket Fold creates unique rock formations that have continued to be carved by the erosive factors of wind and water. Due to the rather remote location in the south central part of Utah and perhaps because there is no obvious central attraction in the area, the Capitol Reef National Park is not frequented by as many visitors as other National Parks. This makes it an ideal vacation destination for those who are seeking a reprieve from the crowds of the cities and the crowds of tourists at other Parks. If you are seeking solitude and/or a place to enjoy quiet contemplation, then Capitol Reef National Park is the place for you.