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The Colorado Riverway Recreation Area includes all the public lands nestled along the Colorado River. These public lands are managed by the Bureau of Land Management and include the area along the Colorado River and Utah Highway 128 from Dewey Bridge to U.S. Highway 191, the area along the River and Utah Highway 279 from the Moab Valley to Potash, and the area adjacent to Kane Creek Road from Moab Valley to the area of Utah State land lying south of Hunter Canyon. Read More

Numerous diverse activities can be enjoyed at the Colorado Riverway Recreation Area. The area is a red rock haven that is home to adventure including river running, technical rock climbing, hiking, biking, picnicking, wildlife watching and scenic drives.

In order to protect the area and sustain its beauty and natural resources for future generations, please observe and adhere to the rules and regulations which govern the area.

• Camp only at improved recreation sites.
• Use portable toilets when using designated, undeveloped campsites overnight.
• Solid human body waste must be disposed of out of the Riverway using authorized sewer systems, i.e., at recreational vehicle dump stations or by flushing down sewer lines.
• Visitors must pack out all trash and dispose of it properly.
• Campfires are limited to metal fire rings at improved sites and existing rock rings at designated, undeveloped sites. Barbecue grills and metal fire pans may also be used.
• Wood collection for fires is limited to drift wood.
• When driving in a vehicle stay on existing roads and trails, stay within the posted speed limits, and abide by any other posted travel restrictions.

To ensure a safe and fun stay in the Colorado River Recreation Area, follow the suggestions given here:

• Swimming in the Colorado River is not recommended due to currents and hidden hazards. If you must swim, wear a life jacket.
• Never dive into the river.
• Take a hat, sunscreen and clothing appropriate for the weather and planned activities. Expect the unexpected.
• Drink plenty of water – always.
• Be wary of the Riverway's natural hazards, such as cliff rims, steep slopes, and thorny plants.
• Rattlesnakes and scorpions exist in the area, but are seldom seen. If you encounter either avoid contact, but do not kill them.

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