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Fisher Towers

Visitors come to the Fisher Towers for a chance to experience one of the most unique geological formations in the southwest. Rising as high as 900 feet from the ground, these towers are a popular destination for hikers and rock climbers.

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  • Located approximately 16 miles north east of Moab.
  • The towers are accessible via a 4.2 mile (round trip) trail.
  • There is a primitive campground at the trail head.


The Fisher Towers include a series of towering sandstone and mud monoliths that rise as high as high as 900 feet from the ground. These towers have become popular destinations for rock climbers and hikers.

Location & Information

The Fisher Towers are located approximately 16 miles north east of Moab. From Moab, drive north along Highway 128 to Fisher Towers Road. The trailhead is located the roads end.

Contact Information

Bureau of Land Management
Phone: (801) 539-4001


Rock Climbing
The Fisher towers are world renowned for their technical rock climbing, but remember, this is one of the most challenging climbing destinations in the southwest. The rock is crumbly and can sometimes be unstable.  Only experienced climbers should attempt this climb.

The trail to Fisher Towers is about 4.2 miles and takes about 3 hours to hike. With only 650 feet of elevation change, the trail is great for hikers of all ages and ability levels. Along the path you’ll pass several large sandstone monoliths including the 900 foot Titan.

There is a small, primitive campground located at the Fisher Towers Trailhead. Facilities include a vault toilet, fire grills and picnic tables. No water is available, so be sure to bring an adequate supply.

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