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White Canyon

Visitors come to White Canyon for a chance to experience one of the most beautiful slot canyons in all of the southwest. Here you’ll also find the Sipapu Bridge, the seventh largest stone arch in the world.

  • White Canyon is located just north of Lake Powell and is a short drive from the small city of Hite.
  • Canyoneering is the favorite way to explore White Canyon.
  • Home to Sipapu Bridge, the seventh largest stone arch in the world.


Located just north of Lake Powell, White Canyon is a scenic sandstone canyon known for its abundant canyoneering opportunities. It’s also home to Sipapu Bridge, the seventh largest stone arch in the world.

Location & Information

White Canyon is located in southeast Utah just south of the city of Hite.

Contact Information

Bureau of Land Management
Phone: (801) 539-4001


Visit the Sipapu Bridge
This magnificent natural stone bridge crosses White Canyon with a span of approximately 225 feet. It is the seventh largest stone arch in the world. The bridge is accessible via a short hiking trail that runs from the Canyon rim to its floor.

White Canyon is famous for its canyoneering opportunities, most notably, The Black Hole, which is a permanently flooded 500-foot canyon section. The total hike is approximately 5 miles. Though much of White Canyon can be treacherous to navigate, this section is particularly narrow and deep. Wetsuits are a requirement in all but the hottest weather. Though there are dangers associated with this trip, most people in relatively good physical shape should have little problem. Few other established routes exist, but White Canyon and its tributaries offer virtually limitless opportunities for exploration. Route-finding abilities are required.  Remember, flash floods are a constant risk in this narrow canyon, so use caution.

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