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Moab Fault

A geological wonder near Moab, Utah that is studied extensively is the Moab Fault. This particular fault runs northwest to southeast and passes just to the west of the Arches National Park. The proximity of this fault to populated areas – Moab – and near Highway 191 makes it readily accessible for study. Read More

The area in and around Moab is known for its many geological features. One of the most well known is the Moab Fault. This particular geological feature is well exposed. In fact, the characteristics of the Moab Fault can be seen from Highway 191 as you travel south from Interstate 70 toward Moab.

The rocks, which form the southwest side of the Fault, have been lifted due to shifting in the earth's crust and have formed the steep, jagged cliffs of the Triassic Wingate sandstone and Chinle formation. At the north end of the Valley, you can find an area where the Fault shifts to the east; this is known as a fault transfer zone.

Fault damage zones are indicative of hydrocarbon reservoirs and often affect the performance of those hydrocarbon reservoirs. Therefore the Moab Fault is of interest to petroleum geoscientists.

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