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Lions Back

One of most famous obstacles in Moab off-roading, Lions Back is a true test of your 4-wheeling mettle.  Drivers ascend a steep stone ramp, surrounded on all sides by precipitous drop-offs.  Unfortunately, this popular obstacle is now closed to the public. Read More


For many years the Lion’s Back was one of the must-try obstacles for Moab off-roaders. Drivers would carefully ascend, what resembles, a steep stone waterslide, turn around at the top, and then ever-so-carefully descend. Though not technically challenging, the consequences for mistakes here are severe. The stone ramp is narrow, the cliff-walls precipitous. The first (and last) section of this obstacle is at an angle of almost 70 degrees.

Unfortunately, several years ago this land was purchased by a real estate developer and has since been closed to the public.


The Lions Back obstacle is located off of Sand Flats Road, 1.4 miles east of Moab.

Route Closure

As of this article’s publishing, Lion’s Back has been closed to the public.

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