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Houseboat Ownership

Having your own houseboat on Lake Powell is the ultimate in timeshare ownership. You can find houseboats for sale on a multi-owner basis, which is an affordable way to vacation at Lake Powell. Explore the canyons you didn't see before, and revel in the beauty of Glen Canyon National Park. Read More

Sparkling blue-green waters stretch for miles, surrounded by towering canyon cliffs. Lake Powell, with its sandy beaches and many hidden side-canyons, is a haven from the hectic life of the "real world."

Owning a timeshare in a houseboat is an ideal way to be assured of a perfect visit to this land that resembles the Grand Canyon in its wonders of rock formations and colors. With multi-owner houseboats for sale in the area, you have an affordable way to have a beautiful place to come to explore this scenic man-made lake.

Shared ownership in a houseboat works out to be a true luxury recreational opportunity. For most families it is quite impractical to purchase a luxury houseboat outright, so multi-owner boats work the best for everyone.

With so much to do on Lake Powell, from scuba diving and swimming to fishing and snorkeling, owning a timeshare houseboat is perfect.