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Lake Powell's location straddles southwestern Utah and northern Arizona. It's located on the Colorado Plateau. The southern part of the lake and the Glen Canyon Dam are located in Arizona, while the rest of the lake's location is in Utah. Page, Arizona is considered the hub of activity on the lake, with lodging, amenities, and other tourist resources widely available. Read More

Getting Here
The nearest cities to Lake Powell are:

  • Flagstaff, Arizona (135 miles)
  • Las Vegas, Nevada (272 miles)
  • Salt Lake City, Utah (the farthest away, at 386 miles)

These are all good locations for access from nearby airports. If you fly, try renting a car at any of these airports and driving to Lake Powell.

Page, Arizona
A good starting point once you're at the lake is Page, Arizona, which contains grocery stores, lodging, and many other tourist amenities. Page also has the Carl Hayden Visitor Center, an excellent place to get more information about lake conditions, maps, hiking opportunities, and fishing licenses.

Travel by Boat
Note that the fastest and easiest way to get around Lake Powell is by boat. If you drive, you may see the lake from afar, but the true experience lies in being on the water.