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Rules & Regulations

The creation of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area by the United States Congress in 1972 had the primary purpose of providing public outdoor recreation use and enjoyment of Lake Powell and the lands adjacent to it in the states of Arizona and Utah. Glen Canyon National Recreation Area is managed much like any other national park. Read More

For the most part, the same management policies, rules, regulations, and laws apply at Glen Canyon as all other national park areas. All boaters using Lake Powell must follow both federal and state regulations. A brief overview of some of the rules and regulations follows:

Boat Mooring

The following is prohibited:

  • Tying or mooring a boat at public docks and pump outs for longer than 30 minutes. 
  • The docking, tying, securing, or anchoring of any private vessel (personal watercraft included) at government docks, launch ramps, or facilities. 
  • Rainbow Bridge - Vessels are prohibited beyond the courtesy docks.

Bungee Cord Jumping

All manufactured structures and natural features are closed to the purpose of jumping off by means of an elastic cord (bungee cord) or similar devices.

Areas closed to motorized vessels

  • Escalante River at the confluence of Coyote Creek 
  • San Juan River at the Clay Hills pullout 
  • Colorado River at the base of Imperial Rapid 
  • Dirty Devil River at that point where measurable downstream current is encountered

Operating a vessel in excess of 5 mph or creating a wake in the following areas is prohibited: 

  • Within harbors as defined above, mooring areas, and wakeless areas 
  • Within any other "No Wake" buoyed area 
  • Rainbow Bridge National Monument

Launching and retrieval of vessels is permitted at the following locations: 

  • All public launch ramps 
  • Vessels up to 25 feet at Lone Rock Beach may be launched at the designated area as signed in accordance with Section 1.7. 
  • The beach areas legally accessible by motor vehicles at the primitive camping area of Stanton Creek, Upper Bullfrog North, and Upper Bullfrog South 
  • The San Juan River take-out at Clay Hills Crossing 
  • The Red Canyon area 
  • The Paiute Farms area 
  • The Farley Canyon area 
  • The White Canyon area 
  • West Access area at Hite 
  • Bullfrog and Halls Crossing Ferry Ramp or areas adjacent to the marina may be used only when authorized by the Superintendent.


  • All manufactured structures are closed to climbing and/or rappelling by any means. 
  • Technical rock climbing within 1/4 mile of occupied Peregrine Falcon, Bald Eagle, Condor, Golden Eagle aeries is prohibited. 
  • All gear and equipment used in connection with climbing activities shall be removed by the participants before departing the area. 
  • The use of glue or other aids that are permanent or leave a visible or long lasting residue is prohibited. 
  • Rainbow Bridge - Climbing is prohibited within the boundaries of the Monument.

Fishing: Fishing is prohibited in the following areas: 

  • All waters within the designated harbors as defined on Page 1, with the exception of fishing off vessels in concession rental slips or mooring buoys and the designated public-use fishing dock at Wahweap Marina. 
  • From the harbor shoreline within 200 feet of any floating structure.

Regulations are in place to ensure the preservation of natural, cultural and archeological resource. Be sure to consult with local officials to determine the appropriate rules and regulations concerning the use of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.