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Courthouse Towers

Courthouse Towers, an incredible series of spires that stretches 4,800 feet up from the dessert floor, includes Baby Arch, Three Gossips, Ring Arch and the Tower of Babel.

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  • The roadside viewing area for Courthouse Towers is 4 miles from the Visitors Center.
  • Take a 1 mile hike along the Park Avenue Trail for a close up of Courthouse Towers.
  • The formations are carved by the harsh desert elements.
  • Ring Arch spans 64 feet and is 39 feet high.

Carved by the forces of Nature, the isolate monoliths that comprise Courthouse Towers were once a cohesive fin of Entrada Sandstone. Years of wind and water chiseled away at the rock face and gradually formed the arches and spires that are so popular amongst park visitors. 

Location & Information

Only four miles from the Arches National Park Visitors Center, Courthouse Towers can be viewed from a roadside turnout, while the Park Avenue Trail descends 1 mile into the canyon and provides a closer view. form more information,  Contact the Arches National Park Visitors Center by phone at 435-719-2299 or on-line at

The Park Avenue Trail

Known for its scenic beauty and incredible lighting, the mile long trail from Park Avenue Parking Area to Courthouse Towers is a favorite for hikers and photographers alike and is considered one of the most popular trails in Arches. 

  • Hike 1 mile from Park Avenue Trailed to Courthouse Towers Parking Area.
  • This is an easy down hill hike, but more strenuous uphill if you decide to make it a round trip.
  • The trail is usually accessible year round, but snow and rain can cause slick conditions in the winter, so call ahead for trail conditions.
  • Photographers love the glowing sandstone and contrasting shadows in the early evening light. 

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