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Canyonlands National Park unfolds a wide spectrum of geological formations and climatic conditions. The pristine plateaus of sedimentary rock carved by the Colorado and Green Rivers run the gamut from towering spires and breathtaking arches to sandstone mesas. Drastic changes in temperature from the blazing heat of midday to the cool crispness of the desert night complete the encompassing aura of the Canyonlands of Southeastern Utah. Read More

Canyonlands travelers often find themselves in awe at the many different faces this natural work of art displays. Stacked in cake-like layers, sedimentary plateaus rise skyward, transforming abruptly into sentinel spires, acting as great gatekeepers to the rugged canyons below. Vast mesas sit above the sentinel spires and survey their domain in silent majesty. The grand bridgework of stone archways, engineered by the sculptors of time and climate, beckon to be crossed. Gargoyle-like figures rise abruptly from the desert floor, gathering as an undisciplined army of stone warriors. Unmoved by the gathering of stone pillars, plateaus and arches, the Colorado River wanders its way, cutting even deeper into the valley floor.

The sun bakes these wonders at 100 plus degrees during the day, only to fall into the 60s when the desert night falls. An Unbelievable night sky blankets these carvings of nature as countless stars seem almost within reach. The creative genius of nature is felt at every turn and time's endless etchings stand still for the traveler to admire. Canyonlands, an unbridled display of nature's finest works, spreads across a vast canvas of geological wonder.

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