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Horseshoe Canyon

Horseshoe Canyon is home to some of the best preserved Native American rock art in North America. Whether you choose to explore on foot, in a guided tour, or on horseback, this unique sight is sure to inspire awe in all who visit. Read More

  • Horseshoe Canyon is famous for its preserved Native American pictographs, including life-sized human portraits.
  • Located about 2.5 hours from Moab via a graded dirt road.
  • The hike to the Great Gallery is 6.5 miles round trip. Guided walks are also available.
  • Camping is not available in Horseshoe Canyon but you can camp at the nearby west rim trailhead.


Visitors come to Horseshoe Canyon for a chance to see some of the best preserved and significant Native American rock art in North America, including the Great Gallery, home to life-sized portraits of human figures as well as several intricate designs.

Location & Information

Horseshoe Canyon is best accessed from the west-side, as eastern access requires a four-wheel drive vehicle. Take Highway 24 for 30 miles (this is a graded dirt road) from Moab. Drive time is approximately 2.5 hours.

Take Note: Roads may become impassable during and after storms.

Contact Information

Canyonlands National Park
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Begin at the west rim trailhead, and continue for 3.2 miles (6.5 miles round trip) to reach the Great Gallery. The trip takes between 3-6 hours. Remember to pack plenty of water as none is available in the park.

Guided Walks
Ranger led guided walks are available on Saturdays and Sunday from September 13th through October 26th, departing from the west rim trailhead at 9am. The hikes usually last about five hours (you’ll cover seven miles). Remember to bring plenty of food and water as none is provided for you.

Camping is not allowed in Horseshoe Canyon; however, you may camp at the west rim trailhead on publicly managed land. There is no water, but a vault toilet is provided.

Horseback Riding
Horseback Riding is allowed on the west rim trailhead leading to Horseshoe Canyon. Remember, horses, mules and burros are the only animals permitted, and you must feed them pelletized feed for at least 48 hours in advance of and during the trip.

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