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The Maze

Though this is the most remote area of Canyonlands National Park, the Maze is also among the most beautiful.  Accessible only via high-clearance four wheel drive vehicles, the area is home to unique attractions such as the Land of Standing Rocks and the Chocolate Bars.

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  • As the most remote district of Canyonlands, the Maze is only accessible via high-clearance four-wheel drive vehicle.
  • Popular area destinations include the Maze Overlook Trail and the Land of Standing Rock.
  • Remember, no services are available in the area, so pack in everything you’ll need.


If you’re looking for an intrepid backcountry adventure into the wildest, most remote region of Canyonlands National Park, the Maze district is your destination. Accessible only by high-clearance four-wheel drive vehicle or on an extended walk in from the front country, those who choose to visit the area should ensure they have the backcountry knowledge and skills to survive in the harsh environment. Due to its remoteness, visitors should plan on spending at least a few days in the area.

Location & Information

The maze district is located to the west of the confluence of the Colorado and Green Rivers. To get to the Maze, first head to the Hans Flat Ranger Station. The maze is located about 3 – 6 hours from the station, accessible via high clearance four-wheel drive vehicle.

Take Note: Many of the areas already challenging roads may become treacherous and impassable during and after storms. Some roads may close seasonally.

Contact Information

Canyonlands National Park
2282 SW Resource Blvd.
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The Maze is by far the most remote section of Canyonlands National Park. Remember, there are no services available, which means you must pack in (and out) anything you might need. This includes gasoline and water. Take ample time to prepare for your trip.

Hike the Maze Overlook Trail
Maze Overlook trail is one of the more popular in the area – a rope maybe necessary to help lower packs over difficult areas of descent. The trail is about 6 miles round trip, and takes about 3-4 hours. Once you gain access to Horse Canyon, you’ll have an opportunity to view the Harvest Scene, home to several prehistoric pictographs. Access the trailhead at the end of the road in the Maze district.

Visit the Land of Standing Rocks
Accessible via a challenging four-wheel drive road, the Land of Standing Rocks is home to some of the most unique rock formations in the Maze, including famous Chimney Rock.

Explore Chocolate Drops Trail
Accessible from the Land of Standing Rocks, the Chocolate Drops trail is a challenging 9 mile hike that zigs and zags among many a ridge and canyon. You’ll also get views of the Chocolate Bars stone features (named for their striking resemblance to two gigantic chocolate bars). Remember, trails in the maze are primitive and often not well-marked. Route finding skills are a necessity.

Drive Flint Trail Road
The Flint Trail Road is the best way to explore many of the Maze’s most interesting sites, including the Maze Overlook and Doll House. Take Note: This road may close in December through March due to dangerous conditions.

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