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Magnificent 7 Trails Singletrack

Magnificent 7, known as Mag 7, is a series of 9 to 10 trails that form a 26 mile point to point trail that is full of singletrack, slickrock, ledges, and spectacular views. To complete the circuit, you'll need to run some sort of shuttle, hitch a ride, or ride a long pavement loop on your own. Read More


From the top of Bull Run, start your descent on singletrack and slickrock along a canyon rim. The trail will cross a dirt road various times so just keep a lookout for the trail itself. Connect with Arth's Corner for another section of slickrock and singletrack and eventually meet up with Little Canyon and Gold Bar Rim to the Gold Bar Rim Jeep Trail. Just follow the white dots toward Golden Spike for even more slickrock and ledges. You'll meet up with the Blue Dot trail to a stunning rim overlooking Highway 191 and connect with the Poison Spider trail and the treacherous Portal Trail. End along Potash Road and head back to town.


  • Distance: 26 miles (from the top of Bull Run to the bottom of the Portal Trail). You can make it shorter (by ending at Gemini Bridges) or longer (by including an initial climb up 7-Up.
  • Average Time: 4 to 5 hours.
  • Elevation Gain: 1,964' ascent and 4,009' descent.
  • Difficulty: Intermediate.
  • Trail Type: Point to point (requires shuttle).
  • Trailhead: To get to the top of Bull Run, head north from Moab on Hwy 191 to Highway 313 (follow signs to Dead Horse Point State Park). Drive 13 miles on 313 and turn left onto a dirt road.

Plan and Prepare

This trail requires a shuttle or a long tedious ride along pavement. There are many companies in town that will offer drop-offs. Since the trail can end near town (at the Portal Trail), it will be easy to coordinate.

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