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Slickrock Trail

First time mountain bikers in Moab, Utah are destined to ride the classic Slickrock Trail, simply because mountain bikers come to Moab to ride slickrock.

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And what better named trail would you ride in Moab, Utah if you want to ride on slick rock than the Slickrock Trail. The Slickrock Trail may be the most fun of Moab trails. The white dots are easy to follow. It's easy to try a section over and over again until you "get it." It's unlike most other types of mountain biking trails. From the trailhead, you have the option to ride the Slickrock Practice Loop, a warm up loop which is fun to add on to the ride anyway. Once back on the main trail, you will find a variety of climbs, descents, ledges, drops, and sidehilling. This trail can be fun and frustrating, as well as exciting and scary.

Trail Specifics

  • Distance: 12.5 mile circuit
  • Riding Time: 1 to 4 hours
  • Difficulty: Technically difficult
  • Trail Surface: Slickrock

Directions to Trailhead

From downtown Moab, the Sand Flats Road winds up to the Slickrock Trailhead. Look for signs.

Riding "Slick Rock"

This bike trail can be a confidence booster or a confidence destroyer. Riding on slickrock allows bikers and their bikes to ride up and down slopes that they normally wouldn't be able to ride if it were a dirt trail. Slickrock is, in a way, sticky rock. On the other end of the spectrum, slickrock is painful to fall on, exposed, and an extremely different type of mountain biking.

Maps & Tours

  • Pick up a detailed map or guide book at the Moab Information Center on the corner of Main and Center Streets.
  • If you are new to mountain biking, or to the area, consider Joining a Guided Bike Tour.

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